Within These Walls

let your life shine

At Brightly Senior Living, you will:

  • Be honored and respected

  • Be cared for and cared about

  • Share traditions and make memories

  • Laugh often and experience joy

  • Receive kindness and hear gratitude

  • Feel safe and be protected

  • Be valued for your wisdom and experience

  • Find new friends and understand community

  • Be cherished today and always

Cared for with love. We’re here for you.
Our Values

What You Can Expect From Us


We always provide what is necessary for the health, welfare and protection of our residents.


We work hard to create a sense of calm and reassurance.


Our bond that we have with residents and families is deeply rooted in commitment and true connection.


We are honest and adhere to strong moral and ethical principles and values.


We promise to evoke a sense of well-being, happiness and delight in everyday tasks and daily routines.


We believe in the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate at all times.


A gift we give unconditionally, without strings attached because we simply want our residents to be happy.


Our dedication to give residents’ lives meaning and direction. Inspiring them to continue their contribution to the world.


We accept and admire our residents for who they are. It is the foundation for building trust.

“I have lived at Brightly Senior Living since April 2, 2018 (day it opened). The building and landscape are beautiful, the personnel is kind and helpful. The food is good and healthy. Activities are fun with games, outside entertainment, guest speakers and road trips. You can make your apartment homey and comfortable to your own choosing. I would highly recommend Brightly for those who need assistance with their daily needs.”

Charlene Underwood

“Since I’ve lived in three other assisted livings, I should know how much nicer it is here than other facilities. I would have loved to live here with my wife Margie. She would have eaten this place up! You won’t appreciate living on one floor until you have lived with three floors and an elevator. The personnel at Brightly are very, very friendly and courteous. All of my friends are amazed at where and how I live now.”

George Thompson

“Lost my loving wife a year ago while living in Bartlett, TN in a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home. I was not at peace with myself when my youngest son informed me of a ‘new’ senior living home opening near him in Mascoutah, IL. This was an answer to my prayers. After visiting, I chose to move to Brightly when they first opened and I can tell you I’ve not been sorry. Beautiful, well planned facility on one floor! Staff is like family as are the residents I’ve come to meet. I can laugh and act silly again. The food is restaurant quality. There are so many amenities.”

Robert Lynch

“This place is amazing, the staff took very good care of my mom when she was there.”

Terrie Dyck McMillian

“Love this place, excellent staff, excellent care, excellent food. Mom was there three years, can’t say enough about her care except pure excellence!”

Mary Drummond

“My family highly recommends!”

Kathy Perry-Scaturro

Come see Brightly Senior Living for yourself!

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